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back... and could use some help

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back... and could use some help

Postby dax415 » Feb 08, 2019 4:10 pm

hi, i honestly don't know where to start off . i am in a bit of a predictament. for my own health and well being i need to find a way to live off of the overly powerful medications. i have reached a stage where i have tardive dyskinesia, but what doesn't not make any sense to me is to continue usage of the medicines which caused the condition in the first place. further more i found a study showing long drawn out usage of 7 years where participants showed an overall slow decline in ability to care for oneself while on continuous mental health medications. i have no desire to be a casualty of someone else's greed, lack of common sense and lack of moral duty to do no harm. I have requested to go off medications, but have been met with staunch resistance and cohersive tones to try an even more powerful medication. Please keep in mind that my mental health has been continuously stable with the exception of the side effects. assistance, support, advice, would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: back... and could use some help

Postby naomibardo » Feb 08, 2019 6:46 pm

It might be useful to look at the harm reduction guide to going off meds that Icarus has produced to the best of my knowledge.I have very little experience of meds but I also knew someone who did in fact recover from tardive dyskinesia after years if hardly being able to move his jaw or make himself understood.I hope you find some resources and advice but I think that might be a good place to start,also the fb group has many people sharing their med journeys and tips and advice on meds,might be worth asking there too.Goodluck.
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Re: back... and could use some help

Postby Nighteyes » Feb 09, 2019 11:45 am

Hi! I am sorry to learn about your health problems. Thank you for reaching out.

You've probably come across the harm-reduction guide Naomi mentioned already, however if not here's the link: ... ithdrawal/

A lot of people find the writings, perspectives and resources found though Everything Matters - Beyond Meds helpful ... ithdrawal/

If you use the search function that is next to the log-out-button, you'll probably find a lot of posts that are relevant to your current situation. I at least, find it very comforting knowing how other people have dealt with some of the stuff I have.

If you're active on FB, and comfortable on that platform, I second Naomi's suggestion of finding the TIP group there or/and other related communities with ties to Mad in America/Madness Radio etc. I don't know where you are in the world, but there are probably some local offshots around that can be additional (re)sources of information and support (here in Norway they're called WSO and have a translated version of the above harm-reduction guide on their website, among other things).

Good luck! :)
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