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What's wrong with Meth?

Self medicating? Who isn't?!? What is your experience with alcohol & other drug use and abuse as coping mechanisms, recreation, enlightenment, or self-destruction? How do you deal with their grip? 12-step, harm reduction, visionary ritual, total indulgence and any other perspectives welcome.

What's wrong with Meth?

Postby Joshua#7 » Dec 19, 2016 6:59 pm

Ever since I use meth, I lost 80 lbs., I have no more high-blood pressure meds, I don't have to sleep with a mask attached to my face, I stopped vomiting regularly, and the huge rash on the right side of my face is gone. It seems to me to be highly effective in relieving horrible symptoms of being on psych meds. For ten years I was 100% med-compliant. The neuroleptic drug treatment ruined my life. Now for 6 years meth has brought me back to life.
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Re: What's wrong with Meth?

Postby red sunday » Jun 13, 2019 8:10 pm

hi Joshua

I think what works for different people is subjective.

for example: MDMA has always worked for me, but crystal meth not as much.

I definitely think that different drugs have different healing qualities...but I also think it depends on the persons genes and how they react to that drug.

my hypothesis of course involves a lot of science and biology and anatomy...but you get the point.

what may work for you may not work for the next person, purely because of your genetics and personal tastes.

in short, nothing is wrong with meth-- as long as your not using it to fuel crimes against other people.

personally, I am not a huge fan of crystal meth...because all I did was fall asleep on it. but then again, my genetics are different than there you go.

remeber to use drugs wisely for their qualities instead of just "getting high"..
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