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radical housing support

How do we live with the monocropped corporate realities of "normal" work, school, money, family, walmart, leg-shaving, in-laws, expectations? As DIY radicals, activists, anarchists, punks, and everything else, should we fit in or make the world fit us? What does mental diversity mean to you? What kind of world is possible?

radical housing support

Postby grapesandcherries » Apr 07, 2018 3:46 pm

i am wondering if anyone has any idea of anyone out there who hosts or gives sanctuary to fellow mad folk, kindred spirits, with a colorful 'schizo-type' bent, people who've had hard times, trauma. this could be someone's apartment or alternately a farmhouse. looking for rad mad queers to garner attention on living life under better circumstances, for taking care of ourselves. geographically i'm open but was looking for people not in new england.

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