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crowdfunding a cool french project

crowdfunding a cool french project

Postby olgalaloca » Aug 26, 2014 11:50 am


check out this. At last they are doing a film in my country about alternative to biological psychiatry


The subject of the documentary film I'll like to make is about an alternative 'art workshop' created in the eighties on the outskirts of Paris. This documentary would last between 30 and 40 minutes and should be finished by April 2015. I'll send each funder a prerelease copy. The film will be in French but a version with English subtitles will be edited.

In a place full of galleries and corridors, paintings hang from everywhere, the ceiling and the walls: ATELIER DU NON-FAIRE workshop of non-making, a strange name for a place where paintings accumulate under the weight of the craziness of those who painted them." Not a place of raw art (art brut), rather a place of rough art (art brutal) " says Eric, one of the painters

The founder of this workshop Christian, rebel nurse and artist, tells us : " before, in the seventies, in the asylums, there was always a well-intentioned person who gave a pencil to the inmates and told them to make something, but not here. "

" Here, we created a place to paint and play, in order to restore social links, without the obligation of making doing something.It was Sabine, a former user, who named the place, Non faire (a French neologism that could be translated as non-making) because, here she said, she wasn't obliged to do something as if she were a child. The idea was that people could express themselves, and speak with colors about what they thougth and lived and organise exhibitions "

The place was opened in 1983 thanks to the support of a head doctor close to retirement, who was himself suffering from Pakinson. Today it's Christian who is a few months away from retirement who runs the place and after him the authorities have decided that the place will close, the building has already being sold to a real estate agency. A year ago, the local authorities cut off the the water and the electricity, for according to them it is now necessary to build « offices » for " the economic growth ".

This decision reveals the coldheartedness of a society where the memory of some, considered as "sub-humans" can be destroyed without remorse.

see more on the crowdfunding page
there is a version in english, just choose your language in the options on the top wrigth.
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