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Teenagers Against Psychiatric Drugs in Mexico

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Teenagers Against Psychiatric Drugs in Mexico

Postby Jaquekalach » May 28, 2014 7:42 pm

Hi, my name is Jaquelin Kalach. I am currently 19 years old and live in Mexico City. A friend, a teacher, and me created our association; Teenagers Against Psychiatric Drugs.

Our mission is to help people understand the short term and long term effects of psychiatric medication on children, to expose the conflicts of interest within the pharmaceutical industry and to reveal their implications on our current health and education systems in Mexico.

Two friends and I started this project while working on a science fair project in Middle School. When we started investigating about the topic, we found it very interesting and decided to continue our research. We have been working on this project for four years.

Recently we launched our Indiegogo campaign (crowd-funding website) in order to raise funds and make a short video explaining the hazardous side effects and the complete information about these drugs.

We are excited to share with you the video about who we are and why we so urgently need your help. Thank you in advance for your time, and if you enjoyed our video and believe in our project but cannot contribute monetarily; please share our video! This is the link: ... /x/7251751

We can change this, but we have to work together. We need your help. We’re talking about millions of children whose rights are being violated and whose health is being put at risk by being forced to take drugs whose medical benefits are based on questionable science. You can help us make a positive impact on the lives of millions of children worldwide.

With out you this project wouldn’t be possible, thank you!
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Re: Teenagers Against Psychiatric Drugs in Mexico

Postby fightforroses » Nov 20, 2015 12:02 am

Oh man, I wonder what's happening with this now...
I just stumbled onto this article on Mad In America, but it's also from last year. ... ric-drugs/
When we were searching among different topics, suddenly I remembered a documentary about psychiatric drugs I once saw, and remember thinking I could not believe these torturing practices still happen today! In this century! So I shared what I saw with my friends and we decided to do something about it.

We created an amazing handmade comic book representing an episode of the life of a teenage boy who was diagnosed with ADHD and forced to take medication.

....All this energy, satisfaction, and pride were gone the minute the psychologist of the school called us to her office immediately. When we got there, practically the whole council was there waiting for us.

They claimed our project was completely biased and with no fundamentals. They completely destroyed our project, and made us feel as if we were monsters poisoning the kids (which is actually the other way around).

Of course they alleged that our project was biased because we were exposing the conflicts of interest and the hazardous side effects of the drugs, while there were many kids in that school taking medication. It was not in their best interest to let us inform people about stimulants. They preferred to have their kids controlled and silent. It is easier that way, but does it actually help the students?

Another question some people ask is why we started this project? Did we lose a loved one or a relative of ours because of psychiatric treatment? The answer is no. None of our relatives have suffered from these treatments, but we wouldn't want them to. This is the reason we started this project. To inform people about what is hidden from them so they can make more informed and responsible choices about the treatments they blindly accept.

So good.

Jaque, if you see this by any chance, what's going on and is there any way we can support yr work now?
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Re: Teenagers Against Psychiatric Drugs in Mexico

Postby yellowrose » Nov 20, 2015 12:51 am

Yeah sounds great! Muy interesante.
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