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College administrations and mental health

Share your story and/or reflections on college mental health: experiences, services, trends, concerns, myths, and more.

College administrations and mental health

Postby crazycrafty » Dec 08, 2014 11:44 pm

Last year I went to college for the first time. I ended up getting really depressed after the a couple of months. I've dealt with depression and anxiety during high school and was hospitalized for anorexia during high school. Yet, for some reason, I believed that everything would be fine when I got to college, that everything I've experienced would just go away and stop bothering me. It didn't happen that way. I tried to kill myself, but my friend came in and went to the hospital with me. I went on medical leave after that and would never see my school the same after that. The administrators were terrible to me. They said I shouldn't be "relying" on other students. Am I not allowed to have friends because I have to deal with something that pains me? They made me meet with the dean of students weekly. He didn't even try to understand. He thought he had all of the answers - go to therapy, take medication, meet with me, and of course stay isolated and don't bother anyone. I ended up changing schools. I want to open up this conversation so that we can discuss our own experiences with college administrations and mental health as well as discuss what you would want to change.
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Re: College administrations and mental health

Postby naomibardo » Dec 09, 2014 6:32 am

why not start a support group ,there must be others out there with the similar struggles -I think peer support can be the best at well as finding more experienced ,so called knowledgeable expertise you can trust and feel comfortable with .
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