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new subforum for the provider network

a place for info and and ideas and brainstorming as this community resource develops. this can be a temporary subforum until the network is up and running

new subforum for the provider network

Postby scatter » Sep 20, 2007 8:44 pm

i just created a subforum for provider network planning to help focus the energy. we can let these threads melt back into the site whenever we want. mad love, sascha
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Postby xenobia » Nov 27, 2007 7:38 pm

Im not sure what you mean by melt back and forth- and, does this mean that the existing thread should move?
I would hate to loose any of what has already been said, or to see it duplicated in a diffrent thread.

I think this thread is truly useful, and many salient points are being made-
Can we combine them so there isn’t an inherent split?

Too much need to rush back and forth, not melt back and forth.

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