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Quantum Organising

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Quantum Organising

Postby DJ Barney » Oct 10, 2009 4:14 pm


I've been considering for a while that the people who label, abuse and ignore people are actually the one's with genuine mental illness. In it's true form mental health is all about being emotionally intelligent and letting in the entire circle of life .. the right foods, friends, spirituality. They key is interdependence and allowing different viewpoints as well. But that must not go too far. I think there is a danger of allowing political correctness to dictate what is freedom and what is unacceptable behaviour. The attempt is made for example to put the drugs on a moral scale of behaviour when they simply contain poisons and should be banned.

I think there is a spectrum of new approaches developing here that involves so many different people and organisations. I think the way we view our history and our place in the Universe is shifting. It is being realised that old suppressions can be subtly shifted away and that, as Ghandi said, to truly change the world you have to change yourself. There is a profound quantum relationship between consciousness and reality that materialist, reductionist thinking and behaviour has obscured up until now. Problems have been laid out in a linear fashion "to be fixed" when this is not the way the Universe works ! Reality proceeds in a non-linear way. Fractal, organic and natural. Magical thinking ? You bet. But this is not wish fulfilment but rolling the sleeves up and getting the hands dirty !

I think what I'm trying to say is that it is easy to fall into the conspiracy theory mindset and postulate scary powers that we fight. This is setting up a paper tiger that despite it's artificiality keeps people in a state of fear. No. The key is to meditate and clear the mind and move to the the Zen realisation that the answer is nothing. The sound of one hand clapping.

I think I saw a book many years ago titled something like "Quantum Community". I think it had sections on community organising and that kind of thing, I would like to see this applied as, from what I've seen, there is a tendency to force the desire for change into the same tired old reductionist mindset of committees and consultation groups.
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