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powerful dangerous drugs now prescribed by webcam!

powerful dangerous drugs now prescribed by webcam!

Postby strangedoll » Oct 13, 2008 10:04 pm

sign up at Family Preservation Services today!

I've been going to Family Preservation Services since
BlueRidge/NewVistas broke up. I have an incredible therapist. My
psychiatrist was alright, nothing special. Today I found out they are
making some changes:

1) my psychiatrist and all the others are laid off
2) hundreds of patients will be transferred to a group of new
3) next month I have a 45 minute intake with one. then I see someone
once a month for 12 minutes. it may or may not be the same person.
4) these meetings will not happen in person. I will be having my
psychiatrist appointments OVER WEBCAM.


I will be scheduled to go to the office and someone will assist me in
logging onto the computer to have my session with a doctor in
Wilmington. Because apparently this is more cost effective.

They will be prescribing POWERFUL DANGEROUS medications over webcam.

Now, I consider myself pretty tech friendly. I have electronic
gadgets. I moderate forums, have a website, shop online, download
stuff. And yes, I even have a geeky headset to voicechat online.

BUT I DRAW THE LINE HERE. If I'm going to have psychiatrist-by-webcam,
why even leave my house? Why not just call the friggin psychic friends

What about people who have phone anxiety? who haven't used computers
before and are intimidated by them?

what happens to the these web cam conferences? are they recorded? do
they go to social security? are they in my file? does medicare get a copy?

The system already dehumanizes the "consumers" so much. I feel like a
number, a statistic. Now I don't even get to sit in the same room with
the person who is evaluating my sanity? What if the idea of
webcam-psychiatry makes me insane?

I plan to do this exactly once so I can fill out a feedback form and
write letters about it. Then I'm switching to an actual in-person doctor.

this. is. so. fucked. up.

(cross-posted to our local collective email list)
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Postby scatter » Oct 13, 2008 10:40 pm

brave new world meets 1984 in 2008
it sounds like sci-fi and it's so scary that it's not
huge hug to you strangedoll. we'll figure this out together
"Bipolar I with Psychotic Features", but somehow that just doesn't seem to capture the essence of the whole dilemma.
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Postby mina » Oct 14, 2008 12:45 am

thinking the same thing..

we got your back!
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Postby silverelf » Oct 14, 2008 1:55 am

in a snarky kinda way, this all makes sense. I've often thought that based on the amount of work my p-doc actually does and the usefulness of our interactions (5 minute conversations every 4-6 months) that getting to her office was a waste of time and we might as well just talk on the phone, or else just give me the prescription pad myself and I can experiment on myself.
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