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I is not me in this copy/paste message. I'm not sure who organized it. Thank you.


Along with his request, he did something that I thought was a great idea. He is in North Carolina and sent details about screenings of films in May that focus on psychiatric survivors and on changing the structure of treatment in the mental health system.

"The Marketing of Madness: Are We All Insane?" -Saturday, May 5th from 1-4pm EST
Haywood County Main Library in Waynesvill, NC. Call here for other questions: 828-452-5169
More details here:

"Open Dialogue: An Alternative Finnish Approach to Healing Psychosis" - Saturday, May 12th at 7pm EST
Firestorm Cafe & Books
48 Commerce St
Asheville, NC
ph: 828-648-2924
*FYI: We have "Open Dialogue" for sale at -- and they are selling fast!

"Diagnostic and Statistical Manual: Psychiatry's Deadliest Scam"
Thursday, May 17th at 5pm EST
Canton Branch Library
11 Pennsylvania Ave
Canton, NC
ph: 828-648-2924

"Healing Homes: An Alternative Swedish Model for Healing Psychosis"
We also sell "Healing Homes" at our Mad Market -
This will be shown the last week in May. The place and time to be announced.

David Oaks, our Executive Director, and I were recently discussing not only the 'digital divide' between those with regular internet access and those who do, but also the calls received weekly from those looking for in person support. I feel that sharing local information about events like these -- and passing the word on at meetings, groups, sharing with fellow survivors, etc. -- will provide opportunity for people to network locally and in person. It might also inspire those who never thought they'd be able to create an affiliate. You can! The how to is here:

Perhaps in areas where survivors are out and active, you might even consider starting an autonomous MindFreedom office for those who need it. Let's get active as we move toward Occupy APA. You don't have to go to Philly to make change. Start where you are!
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