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Mindful Occupation in Asheville

Mindful Occupation in Asheville

Postby furstone » May 17, 2012 10:08 pm

Here's a copy/paste of an initial organizing message that was sent out to some community groups here in WNC...

Hi Everyone,

Hope all is well. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your enthusiasm at the prospect of a Mindful Occupation group in Asheville. If I have not spoken to you directly about mutual aid through Mindful Occupation, and you're wondering why you've been included on this list...well, at some point, we likely had a good conversation about the need for people to be supported in their humanity as they are trying valiantly to save the world and/or survive in it.

The goal of Mindful Occupation is to use principles of radical mental health, mutual aid, and community education to support sustainable activism and collaborative community wellness. Here is some language from the recent flier, which is sent as an attachment:
“In support of the global revolution of the human heart and the reclamation of what is possible within the world, Mindful Occupation is committed to offering support for sustainable collaborative activism.

Working from the principles of mutual aid, Mindful Occupation seeks to foster opportunities for solidarity building, story and skill sharing, peer support, and collective networking.

We're looking to empower ourselves to support one another in the process of effective revolution and to create opportunities for resolution, celebration, and reclamation.”

The Occupy Asheville Social Justice Caucus, working with other community groups, such as Veterans for Peace, will begin offering Mindful Occupation groups in mid-June.
We are currently seeking a space to hold community mutual aid groups and people who are interested in participating and contributing to the organizing process.
If you'd like to help support Mindful Occupation in Asheville or have ideas or questions, please contact the primary Mindful Occupation – WNC organizer via email,

With Thanks and In Solidarity!
For more information please visit:
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