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Mindful Occupation - Discussion on Sustainable Activism

Mindful Occupation - Discussion on Sustainable Activism

Postby furstone » Jun 01, 2012 7:50 pm

Here's some info. for the Occupy Asheville Mindful Occupation get-together that's coming up. I'm hoping that M/O will develop into a well-used resource. I'm also hoping that some folks who've not been around for a while might show up.

Thanks and Mad Love!

Thursday June 7, 2012 6:30pm @ Firestorm Cafe, 48 Commerce Street, Downtown Asheville

Come meet-up, check in, say hi, share ideas...

There will be a lot of dancing during this long, hot Summer. A big Fall is right around the bend. The revolution of the human heart is abundant and now...and yet...
“I'm so f*ckin' tired.”

Mindful Occupation Gathering/Discussion on the topic of sustainable activism. How we can use self-care, principles of conscientious perspective and mutual aid to support one another in our collective endeavors?

For more information:
Email, the other side of the digital divide can text 545-8321...or just feel free to drop into Firestorm next Thursday evening. I'll have the Mindful Occupation banner around, so we'll be easy to spot. If you've not been involved for a while, it'd be great to see you. If we've not all met one another at this point, it'd be nice to.

There is a lot going on lately, and a lot to keep track of. If you've been away or are still trying to figure out a way to get involved that suits your interests, skills, style, or schedule, please come by.

Many hands make light work...

In Solidarity.
No child on this earth was ever meant to be ordinary - a. dillard
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