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Support: Coming Off or Reducing Psychiatric Medications!!

Support: Coming Off or Reducing Psychiatric Medications!!

Postby extremestatelove » Jul 15, 2012 2:07 pm

Hello, Asheville Icaristas!

Are you looking for peer support while coming off or reducing psychiartic medications? Send an email unbeaten if you'd like to be added to a private google group offering peer support for those in need.

I'm six and a half months off of several medications (12 meds over 17 years). Since withdrawing, I've experienced extreme emotions, paranoid or altered states, rashes and serious fatigue... ugh! I'm still on the journey and with proper support i'm finding the benefits and opportunities to be worth the struggle. i'm gauging interest in setting up peer run support groups across the country. Anyone??

i drafted our support group's mission statement:

We are people with lived experience who believe that psychiatric drugs are not "corrective treatment" for "mental illness". We see that psychiartic medications are tools which some of us have found helpful to manage extreme or altered states of consciousness, while others have found them to be harmful, setting in motion years of toxicity and dependence, the symptoms of which were labeled as our deteriorating "mental illness" and poor genetic make-up.

Our experience and goals are varied. Some of us have already come off of medications or are in mid-taper, while others want to explore the possibility of reducing a particular dose or the number of medications they take.

Our mission is twofold: First, we want to ensure that group members have access to accurate information regarding the risks and actions of their medications. Second, we strive to provide a safe, empowering and mutually supportive space wherein members can withdraw or reduce from psychiatric medication among a community of people who believe in and can support their experience.

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