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Things coming up in March and possibly beyond...

Things coming up in March and possibly beyond...

Postby furstone » Feb 25, 2014 10:39 pm

Hey - In the event that there are folks out there who might not be in touch with the ARMHC currently, just as a mention of a couple of interesting things that are happening in March

- the ARMHC was asked to be a "community group" to speak with some of the police officers who will be going through the upcoming CIT training. The ARMHC was asked specifically to offer some "alternative perspectives" on crisis, e.g. trauma-informed perspectives, perspectives from lived experiences of having police involved in crisis, etc.

If anyone out there in the dispersed collective wants to be a part of these talks, please let folks know is still a good way to get in touch with a couple of people.

The CIT training talk is on Tuesday March 18th, at the Eagle St. Coffeehouse (our usual meeting place) from 1:00-3:30pm. If anyone has questions, wants more info. - please let folks know!

At the end of March, a doctoral research from the Institute of Medical Humanities may be coming up to talk with some folks about her plans to do some participatory ethnographic research on mutual aid groups, holding space for narrative explorations, etc.

I'll try to post more about these things and some of the other stuff that is shaping up for spring - including a Mad Maps-related workshop and possibly a collaboration with some other groups re: the May 4th Mental Health Day of Dignity plans that are developing.

Mad Love and be in touch!
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