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Eat raw meat to heal from mental illness

Many of us have found that food plays a large part in our physical and mental health. Some of us struggle with our relationship with food. What are you eating (or not eating) these days?

Eat raw meat to heal from mental illness

Postby terrapryjma » Nov 26, 2014 8:54 pm

The biggest food change that can be made is to eat raw animal meat and fat. It is loaded with the most accessible nutrition. Proteins haven't been denatured by cooking. There are no advanced glycation end products from cooking. The enzymes, the tools for your microbes and cells to gain energy from the food, haven't been destroyed. The microbes in the meat or fat are alive. You get three major things cooked food doesn't have that you need to heal from mental illness: accessible nutrition (enzymes, the most bioavailable protein and fats, and microbes), you waste less energy because you aren't having to detox or ameliorate the antagonistic qualities of cooked food, your are eating less sugar or carbs and have a greater chance of existing in the most efficient energy pathway: the ketogenic pathway. Mental illness is only a disease if you want it to be. If you want it to be just a phase you were in then it can be that through regeneration. There is some implication in regeneration that you are achieving a former state of health. Why settle there? See what beauty hides in you? Optimize your design. This may sound ego-driven but the only way to optimize your nature is through a better relationship with nature. Your brain is a big ball of fat floating in water. Nerves are insulated in myelin (fat). Racing, jumping thoughts are healed through brain health. Feed your brain raw animal fat and the nerves aren't so jumpy, so frayed. Cooked animal fat, this includes pasteurized, is expanded fat. Think of a deep fried pork rind. It blows up in size (or bacon). Raw fat heals.

Once we realize that all ideas that believe there is some thing or some one out to get us are gross misrepresentations of reality, whether it be a broken brain, a parasite, or a terrorist, then we can begin to heal because we work with Nature instead of against. For example parasites clean up shoddy material. We get sick from all the byproducts of the deconstruction they do. We wouldn't need them if there was no crap protein for them to break down in the first place. The same is true with Lyme, insects in agriculture, cancer, everything. There is only co-creation. The only co-creation I see in medications is that they increase our culturally ability to assert its needs to be natural by how unnatural they are. See my next post on the science behind that.

Thanks for letting me rant Icarus, Luke
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Re: Eat raw meat to heal from mental illness

Postby terrapryjma » Nov 26, 2014 10:28 pm

The terrain of mental health is overwhelming. There is one thing to remember when navigating this world. Healing, no matter what anyone tells you, is always possible. I did. After ten years of medication I am three years of being medication free and 'not bipolar'. I am not only 'not bipolar' I am thriving. This is a first for me: I love life (period). That said, what I want to get across in this blog post is to give you my best ways to heal and to love having a mental illness.

1) Believe the world is co-creation based (even just a little at first). This means there are no boogymen out to get you. There are no parasites waiting to fight you for your blood. There are no illnesses or diseases that make a living off of you not making a living. This is way beyond naiveté. This is believing there is a profoundly beautiful design to all of the world and the more we feel there is not the more there is to learn. Lyme disease is a currently much vilified disease. From a co-creation view it is a spirochete that is mopping up poorly built collagen. Improve the collagen and support the detox that happens from spirochete demolition of crap collagen and healing happens. Apply this to all your relationships. All relationships have beauty and hold on for it while support it to emerge.

2) Eat raw meat and animal fat from animals you believe in. Eat your way to healing the planet while healing yourself. Go grass-fed mob-grazed land regeneration style! And go raw! No other food (raw from wild or grass-fed) has more available nutrients, vitamins, enzymes and microbes. Mental illness is a low state of health. It comes out when our bodies have high demands: adolescence. And speaking of high demands our culture is in quite an adolescent phase itself. So if we don't have what we need to fill our physiological functions our body borrows it from where it can. The brain is big ball of fat. If we are starving ourself for healthy accessible fats then our body is going to take it from the brain to run baseline functions first. Mental illness is a physiological crisis hour. Feed the body the most nutritious food and healing comes more easily. Eat as much raw eggs, raw butter, raw unsalted cheese, raw cream as you can. Raw honey is a great little add-on. Raw liver and organs are super foods. Raw beef, chicken, pork and fish at the staples. It won't be cheap. You are in a loading phase. You need to rebuild.

3) Sleep, take it easy, take hot luxurious baths and cold dunks. Mental illness is a message for healing. Do all those things that make every inch of you beautifully comfortable. Reduce work and commitments. This is just a healing phase.

4) Quit sugar, carbs, fruit, caffeine, smoking alcohol and TV. Quit all those things that are stimulating. Find someone who has done it before and learn from them. Slower is better.

5) Transition slowly off medication. Find someone who has done it before and learn from them. Slower is better.

6) Learn about Mental illnesses and mental health. Question every step and learn for yourself what makes sense. Make this experience be one of your gifts. We learn best when our life depends on it. Your life depends on it and you will be a valuable resource to millions of others struggling with a similar reality. Are there free alternative mental health services in your area or online?

7) Be spiritual. Pray, say grace, meditate, consciously breath, lie on the ground, have fun, express your love and gratitude often and in tangible ways.

8) Be more natural. Make your environment more natural and understand your true nature. This is a ice long quest. Be your own authority on this one. What's your chemical load? Have you touched healthy dirt lately? Breathed fresh air? Don't use synthetic soaps, perfumes, deodorant and any of that crap. You will save a ton of money that can be put toward healing.

9) Believe in yourself and that there is always a better version of yourself. Love yourself now and be excited about your hidden potential. It is out there, believe me.

10) Get ready! (And have patience) The world is about to change for you and the first lesson you will learn is Nature's timeframe. Transitioning off meds well can take months of planning, diet building and then a year of actual tapering off. The most amazing version of you is a patient one

With love and gratitude for you on your path, Luke
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Re: Eat raw meat to heal from mental illness

Postby _ » Nov 26, 2014 10:34 pm

Hey Luke

Thanks for talking about the benefits of raw meat. I think we need to get back to more of that. Pretty much all traditional cultures from what I understand had at least some raw meat. I like to have some raw salmon from time to time.

Are you into organ meats at all? I actually was reading something about how eating the brain of a healthy animal was thought to promote mental clarity and well being. Interesting stuff! I'm having some grass fed liver tomorrow!

Glad you have been able to be so proactive in your life.
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Re: Eat raw meat to heal from mental illness

Postby terrapryjma » Nov 26, 2014 11:05 pm

Hi Gerald,

Raw grass-fed liver is a super food. At first there was a yuck factor. Now I love the taste and how settled it makes my stomach feel. I had diarrhea all my life so anything that settles my stomach is a good thing. As a kid I was "called smelly fingers" because I would itch my butt. This was probably a candida over-growth because of my diet. As soon as I changed my diet that went away. Too much information?!

I am going to post your question on the Facebook raw primal forum to see if anyone has experience with brains. I'd do it.

Thanks for your support! Luke
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