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Many of us have found that food plays a large part in our physical and mental health. Some of us struggle with our relationship with food. What are you eating (or not eating) these days?


Postby equidancers » Dec 13, 2015 1:04 pm

Beyond black beans.. Onward, legumes, onward!

Today's attempt:

Lentil Curry

curry paste
garam masala
tomato puree

I may have already messed up because I think I overloaded the crockpot. We'll see. I am hoping for a reasonable cook-time of, say, 7-8 hours, rather than the 30+ hour black bean debacle. :)

I've decided, at least for the cooler season, to attempt to add legumes into my weeknight routine. They are high in calories, but if I pay attention to portion size, it should be ok. They have protein, are filling, and I can prepare them in advance so all I have to do after work is heat them up in the microwave.

I've been scared off the zucchini gazpacho. I'll get back to it, but the last time I cooked a giant patch of zucchini for the gazpacho is the first time I had the Meniere's 8 hour nightmare. I know these things are not connected, but I've avoided the mass zucchini cooking.

Anyway, I am hoping for the best with the lentils. But, as I said, I think I overfilled the crockpot. Maybe I should just take out some of the contents. Hmm. Maybe.
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Re: Legumes

Postby equidancers » Dec 13, 2015 2:53 pm

My apartment smells delicious!
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Re: Legumes

Postby lonederanger » Dec 13, 2015 6:04 pm

mmmmm : )
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