How to play Pokies – the guide for the most popular entertainment in Australia


Aussies should explore the legislation, before starting to learn how to play Pokies. It’s necessary, as every State and Territory in Australia have their own laws and regulations with reference to gambling industry.

But what is pokies? First, it was a kind of abbreviation of Poker machines, and this only meant Poker games. But as soon as the world of Internet and technologies developed, the name “Pokies” began to mean an Australian variation of slots. And today thousands of Pokies’ types make jealous many other countries. And it’s natural, as Australia is an “unceremonious” gambling leader in the world with more than 80 % of population, having tried to play slots, at least, one time in their lives.

How to play Pokies – the main rules

As it was mentioned above, gambling industry is well-advanced on the continent, and this fact leads gamblers to follow some rules and recommendations, when a question: “How to play Pokies machines?” appear in players’ mind. Below there’s the sequence of activities, which should be kept, when a player decides to start own way in amazing slots’ world.

  • Before starting to learn the rules of how to play Pokies, it’s necessary to check carefully all official regulations and laws in every specific region of the country. It will give an opportunity to avoid problems with authorities.
  • The second step is to create own account with the main personal information. Different gambling sources demand for different size of required information, and it also depends on the chosen variant of Pokies: free ones or for real money.
  • But before choosing this or that online casino, it’s necessary to study the information about the registration bonuses and other “welcome” gifts.
  • After all formalities are taken care of, the most pleasant part of gambling starts. And here it’s really necessary to learn how to play Pokies. As now a gambler should choose what slots are the preferable and what of them are of an outstanding interest. All necessary information about available games can be found in official reviews of this or that online casino.

These are just the simplest steps to take, before starting to enjoy the amazing world of Pokies with fruit, fairy-tale characters, cards, movies’ heroes, etc.

Possible strategies and tips to use in Pokies

It’s very difficult to create a personal program that will allow winning Pokies every time. It’s necessary to consider that slots are also a program with randomization function. But still, if to follow some advice and recommendations, the chances to win become higher.

  • It’s necessary to set personal budget, and it’s not only about possible lose, but win amount, as well. Before starting to play every gambler should decide how much money will be enough to be happy, and what amount can be lost.
  • It’s “obligatory” to study bonus and promotion system before pushing the button “start”.
  • It’s no need to be in a hurry and get carried away. Every action should be well-judged.
  • Alcohol should never be a “companion” during gambling process.

Thus, these simple recommendations can increase chances to win. So, follow them and good luck!

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