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Online casino Baccarat rules and game features

Baccarat is one of the most famous and beloved gambling games of many card amateurs. Very often, it can be found in the stories of popular Hollywood action movies, where the game contains notorious villains and secret agents. And now everyone can easily join the entertainment with an Internet connection and a little knowledge of the online casino Baccarat rules and the order of the game. Previously, players played against each other, independently making a decision on obtaining a third card, and in modern casinos you can mainly find the mini Baccarat option, where the game is played against the dealer and the decision on issuing a card is strictly regulated.

The goal of the game is to form a winning combination of cards with a total score of 9 (or as close as possible to this value). To do this, you need to correctly count the cards, where 10, Jack, Queen and King are 0, Ace has 1 point, and the remaining cards from 2 to 9 correspond to their face value. In addition to mini Baccarat, there are game options such as Punto Banco, American Baccarat and Macau.

Game sequence on online casino Baccarat rules

This card entertainment has quite simple online casino Baccarat rules, which, if desired, can be learned in a short period of time. The game takes place in the following order:

  1. At the very beginning, participants make bets. The player has the opportunity to bet on the player’s win (Player), bet on an equal number of points from the dealer and player (Tie), as well as to win the bank (Banker).
  2. Next, each participant receives 2 cards, immediately assess the number of points received combinations. You need to score 9 points, which will mean an immediate victory.
  3. After the cards are dealt and counted, if a player gets less than 5 points in total, then he is supposed to add one card. Including, if the dealer has less than 4 points, he will also be dealt another card.
  4. The winner is the one who managed to collect 9 points, or the amount as close as possible to 9, and bets are paid on win the field on which they were made.
  5. During the game it is necessary to pay attention to what type of bets it is favorable to use to increase the chances of winning. The Banker bet is considered the most successful for players, since in this case the superiority of the casino will be 1.05%. To diversify the game, you can sometimes bet Player, because in this case the advantage of a gambling establishment will increase quite a bit and will be 1.25%. But you should always avoid the Tie bet, which increases the superiority of the club to 15%.

    Criteria for choosing the best online casino

    Now for the start of exciting entertainment it remains to choose a suitable playground. In order for each user to be guaranteed to count on the obvious advantages of Baccarat on the Internet, it is necessary to find a licensed and trusted online site. Here are some things to pay special attention to:

    • The site should have a wide selection of games with simple online casino Baccarat rules. Including live dealer entertainment and easy-to-download mobile apps;
    • The selected resource should provide convenient payment methods. It would be nice to have bitcoins;
    • Often during the game unpredictable difficulties can arise that are easy to solve in the round-the-clock customer support service;
    • Reliable online casinos always provide customers with the function of displaying the time spent on the game, various limits on bets and the ability to log out of your personal account.

    It would also be useful to know the opinion of regular customers of a particular playground from published reviews, which will also help in the right choice.

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