Online poker rules: what is common in different types of poker?


Online poker rules and the early history of the poker

When it comes to poker, researchers usually disagree on the predecessors of the game. However, most historians agree that poker could have several predecessors at once. They also believe that the game developed simultaneously in several parts of the world at once, before taking on the familiar look. Thus, modern poker can have several ancestors:

  • Primero or La Prime – the year 1526. This game was common in Italy, Spain, and France. Opponents bargained, raised bets and compared combinations that are very reminiscent of poker.
  • Pochspiel. Another ancestor of modern poker is considered the German card game Pochspiel. It was possible to bet, bluff, pass, and bargain in several circles.
  • Poque. In the sixteenth-century French gave the world the gambling Poque. In the deck, there were already prototypes of modern suits. This is very similar to poker gameplay.
  • Poker. In 1834, Jonathan H. Green published the book Exposing Gambling and Gambling, which described several versions of the Poque card game and first called it poker. Jonathan Green considers Poker the “godfather”, and 1834 is the official date of birth of this card game. Soon poker superseded 3-Card Monte and became the most popular game in the USA and Canada.

The modern history of poker

The true story of poker begins with the moment when the French colonists began to explore America. It is here that this game has gained immense popularity among local residents. Over time, poker has become almost a national game, played everywhere. In Europe, the history of poker dates back to 1870, when the US ambassador to Great Britain introduced this game to the Queen’s court. The whole aristocracy of Great Britain was delighted with the new game, the rules of which they were taught.

With the advent of the casino, poker only strengthened its position, because it was poker which was one of the most popular casino games.

Today, there are about two dozen varieties of poker, each of which has its own audience and devotees. Now let’s talk about online poker rules.

How to play online poker with rules

Since there are so many varieties of poker, we will consider the online poker rules.

The general online poker rules are similar for all its varieties:

  • An initial bank is formed.
  • Players are dealt cards.
  • There are several rounds of trading, in each of which players place bets.
  • After each round of trading, an additional deal or exchange of cards is made, which changes the strength of the combinations of players.
  • If after the last round of betting there is more than one player left, then the cards are revealed. And the player with the best combination wins.

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